Polyethylene Ski
Rope Used for Watersports,Load securing,Cargo netting, Yachting, Tents, Awnings
  Polyethylene Basket Braid Used for Outdoor living, Yachting, Boating, Cargo netting   Polyethylene Flat Braid Used for swimming pool and other nets. Marine, Household and Industrial Applications
Polyethylene Washline
Long life, UV stabilised and good chemical resistance

Cotton Solid Braid
Good for tying knots. Many uses in Canoeing, Boating, Camping and Caravanning

  Nylon Basket Braid
High strength for the Fishing Industry, Shipping, Boating, Tents and Awnings

Nylon Flat Braid
Commercial, Mining,Household and Industrial uses.

  Braided Paper Piping Cord
Used in the Upholstery and Furniture Trade and for expansion joints
  Polyester Basket Braid
Used in the Fishing Industry and for the lashing and securing of loads. Also for tents and awnings.